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Charity Requests

Q – I’m organising a raffle for a local charity – could you donate some free tickets?
A – Due to the large number of free ticket requests we receive from charities on a daily basis, we have implemented a draw system, which takes place on the first day of every month. We require a written request on headed paper a minimum of two months before the charity event is due to take place. Regrettably we are only able to reply to those organisations that have been successful in one of our draws.

Please address your requests to: 
The Box Office, Exeter Northcott Theatre, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4QB.

Booking Queries

Q – Where’s the best view? I don’t want to sit near any pillars!
A – We have one raked auditorium with no balconies or separate areas, so there are no visual obstructions to your view of the stage. The view from every seat in the auditorium is excellent.

Q – What are the best seats in the house?
A – People have different opinions but we think central in rows D, E and F. Some like to be closer to the action but for some events such as dance, you may prefer to sit further back as you’ll be higher up. Some people prefer to sit further back as things can get quite loud when amplification is used. To stretch out there is much more leg room in row G and of course some like to be on the end of a row.

Q – I need a seat with lots of leg room – where should I book?
A – Row G is best, if you don’t want to sit at the very front on Row A; if these are both full, an aisle seat will give you a bit more room.

Q – Do I need to book a seat for my baby?
Under 18 months do not require a ticket.  However, children over 18 months do require a ticket, even if they plan to sit on a parents lap.

Q – Do I need to print my e-ticket?
A – If you have a smart phone you don’t need to print your e-ticket, and can just show the stewards your e-ticket displayed on your phone for scanning on your way into the auditorium. Alternatively you may prefer to print your e-ticket at home and bring it with you. Please be aware that each e-ticket prints onto a single A4 sheet of paper.

Q – Why can I sometimes have problems getting through to the box office on the phone in the evening?
A – The box office is open until 6pm Monday to Saturday; on performance evenings it is open until 8pm. As most performances start at 7.30pm, a lot of customers come to collect their tickets from the box office in the half hour before the show, which means that this can be a particularly busy period for the box office staff.

Q – What should I do if I can’t log into my online account or can’t remember my password?
A – Enter your email address when prompted and click ‘forgot password’ link and you will be able to reset it.

Our Facilities

Q – Do you have any baby changing facilities?
A – Yes, baby changing facilities are located in the accessible toilet on the second floor.

Q – Do you have booster seats in the auditorium?
A – As our seating is raked, booster seats aren’t necessary as there is a good view of the stage from every seat.

Q – I am hard of hearing; do you have any assisted hearing systems?
A – Yes, we have  an accessible hearing system that transmits RF enhanced audio to visitor’s hearing aids, or specially provided headphones, which can be collected from the box office prior to the show.  Visitors can also use the SENNHEISER MOBILECONNECT APP to stream audio content via WiFi live to personal smartphones.  The app can be downloaded free for iOS and android devices from app stores.

In the Theatre

Q – Why can I not take photographs in the auditorium?
A – Because it disturbs the performers and other audience members and may contravene copyright rules.

Q – I can’t switch my mobile phone off because I am on call/ need to keep in touch with my baby sitter etc. what shall I do?
A – Mobiles are very distracting to performers and audience alike. Please switch off your mobile completely if possible but at the very least switch to silent or vibrate mode. It is preferable to ignore any call but if urgent please leave the auditorium to speak or text. Please bear in mind that mobile phone screens are very bright and it can distract your fellow audience members if you text/tweet during a performance.

Q – Where can I leave a pushchair/ buggy?
A – They may be stored under the stairs in the lower foyer.

Professional Enquiries

Q – Is the theatre available for hire?
A – We run a very busy programme of professional performances and regular community events but, when there is space in the schedule, we are happy to consider hiring the theatre to community arts groups or organisations seeking to hold conferences and meetings.  We do not hire the theatre to organisations wishing to promote their own professional theatre, dance, music or personal appearances.  Click here for more info on Venue Hire.