The Time Is Now Commissions

At the start of lockdown we invited South West-based artists to apply for £1000 commissions to create a piece of work that can be presented in a format that people can enjoy remotely and looks to tackle current challenges.

These are the results.


The Time Is Now Commissions

When All This Is Over

by Thomas Johnson

Drawn from reflections on lockdown from people across the South West, When All This Is Over is sung by people across the region who have never met. More than 50 people responded to an open call to take part in the project, either by writing about their experiences of lockdown to inspire the lyrics or by joining the virtual choir and singing the anthem.

When Exeter Northcott re-opens, the choir will come together to sing the anthem live on stage marking a special moment when audiences and performers can meet for a live experience once more.

Stories From The Sticks

by Scratchworks Theatre

Scratchworks Theatre has toured theatre shows to isolated communities across Devon for many years and the theatre-makers have met many wonderful characters along the way.  Stories From the Sticks is a podcast that brings unheard stories from remote villages in the South West. The interviews are interwoven with original music by Jack Dean, plus narration and singing in Scratchworks’ signature style, giving a distinctly theatrical feel to the podcast.


by Jump Fall Fly

BOOM! is in part a story about mental health that is set in the mind of a young woman, who has been through a traumatic experience and has something to say. It is uplifting, moving, profound and ultimately full of love. Expect to see a magical and celebrated key worker in it! Jump, Fall, Fly use circus, theatre, strong visuals and film to capture the audience’s imagination and hopefully take them beyond the walls of lockdown.

Recommended for ages 10+ (themes of grief).

Life In Suspension

by Hugh Malyon and associated artists

Hugh Malyon, who is a disabled artist, and associated artists premiered their first film on the subject of ‘hanging around’, playing with the notion of life in suspension and finding new ways to pass the time, on 8 June 2020.

They then asked people in the South West to respond with their creative takes on the subject. We received loads of amazing submissions from so many people and they are now devising interesting ways of framing the second film: a community documentary on COVID-19, the lockdown and unique ways the community has subverted the pandemic.

These Three Worlds

by Burn the Curtain

These Three Worlds is an online adventure story that takes readers on a unique journey through Exeter. As with the popular ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books the quest is set in the first chapter and then the reader decides which page to turn to and their preferred destination. They must navigate their way through the city encountering strange characters, mysterious goings-on and an ever-growing network of secret routes through the story.

Aimed at ages 9+, These Three Worlds continues to take new directions as readers are invited to write their own scene for the story, tagging locations around Exeter and revealing new perspectives on once-familiar landmarks.