Ben Fogle: Wild artwork. (Left) Ben Fogle, a middle-aged white man with grey stubble wearing a brown shirt, smiles while taking a selfie in front of a sunset over a lake. To their right, text reads: 'Ben Fogle. Wild.'

Nigel McIntyre & Gareth Watson presents

Ben Fogle: Wild

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Adventures, expeditions, and journeys have helped shape and mould me. They have strengthened me emotionally, physically, and mentally and armed me with the skills for life.” – Ben Fogle

Ben Fogle’s new show WILD brings to life on stage, stories and tales of hope, possibility, and positivity. From his extraordinary encounters with the human and natural world; the wilderness of Northern Sweden to the jungles of Honduras; the hostile extreme environments of Chernobyl to the mountains of Nepal; Ben will take you on a journey with inspiring and uplifting tales of self-discovery, that will leave you enchanted, enlightened, and entertained.

In this brand-new show full of hope, simplicity, and harmony, WILD is a hair-raising, uplifting and wildly entertaining show that tells the extraordinary true stories of Ben’s amazing encounters with people and animals, and how they changed his life… and the discovery of helping you find your Ocean of Possibility.

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Tuesday 12th Mar 2024
07:30 PM

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