So you think you know about Dinosaurs!

Sun 4 March 2018


Starring Ben Garrod

So you think you know about Dinosaurs! is the hit stage show starring dinosaur aficionado Dr Ben Garrod. Get ready to go on an exciting pre-historic adventure as Ben talks you through the deadliest predators that ever roamed the planet.  Yes dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Allosaurus and Spinosaurus would have walked or swam right where you are now!

Pitting the knowledge of unwitting parents against their all-knowing kids, Dr Ben presents an interactive, educational and highly entertaining show using film footage from the BBC’s Planet Dinosaur.  So come and test your knowledge against Dr Ben in this hit live show which is bigger and better than ever.

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Event Info


Family Ticket: £45 for 3 + up to 3 more tickets £15 each



Running Time

1hr 45mins book now