Living Spit and Kate Dimbleby in Greek Odyssey costumes

Living Spit's Odyssey

Mon 4 - Tue 5 November 2019


The Odyssey, one of the supreme works of western literature, tells of Odysseus’ 10-year journey home to Ithaca from the Trojan War, overcoming some of Greek mythology’s greatest monsters, misfortunes and temptations. While all Greece presumed him dead, Penelope, his faithful wife, fended off 100 drunken suitors who besieged their home. The story’s scope and beauty have entranced mankind for nearly three thousand years.

Now Kate Dimbleby, the internationally renowned, stupefyingly talented singer and raconteur, joins Living Spit, a pair of scruffy, puerile, knockabout chancers from a small seaside town just south of Bristol, to create a brand new and highly original retelling of this story of redemption, isolation and a desperate yearning for love.

Expect great music and top-notch comedy married together with playful panache, pathos and painful puns a-plenty! Let’s just hope they get on…


Armed with an ironing board and a looper, Kate Dimbleby demonstrates her unusual style of music in her London Live Session. Yeah, she'll get on with the Living Spit boys just fine.

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£22 – £16

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£2 off (3+ tickets)

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schools and groups offer (please call Box Office to book)



Running Time

1 hr 50 mins (inc. interval) book now

Supplementary Event

Pre-Show Dining - Living Spit's Odyssey

Mon 4 - Tue 5 November 2019 read more book now

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