Tue 21 & Fri 24 May 2019


The witches have a prophecy: Macbeth will be king.  But royalty comes at a price.  The cost of power is betrayal, murder and revenge.

Follow Verdi’s Macbeth in a blood-soaked journey to the throne and watch a guilt-ridden Lady Macbeth descend into the depths of despair in English Touring Opera’s new production. Starring Grant Doyle (Macbeth) and Madeleine Pierard (Lady Macbeth) in Verdi’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s iconic play.

Sung in English.


Event Info


A £36.50 B £33.50  C £26.50  D £21.50
Concs: £2 off bands B-D
Student Standby: £5
Groups 10+ get 11th ticket FREE

Pre-show Talk: Tue 21 May, 6.30pm in the auditorium

Running Time

TBC book now

Supplementary Event

Pre-Show Dining - ETO - Macbeth

Tue 21 & Fri 24 May 2019 read more book now

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