September 2015

21 September 2015

David Starkey: Magna Carta

Wednesday 7 October 2015

David Starkey, the UK’s leading constitutional historian, will be visiting the Exeter Northcott Theatre in October.

Known for his forthright views, David will be talking about the 13th century agreement that, imperfect though it was, limited for the first time the power of the monarch by stating the basic rights, privileges, and liberties of leading citizens and clergy.

There are few more stimulating thinkers, and few who understand better the way the most powerful have thought throughout our history.  His assessment of the situation then, and how our constitution stands today exactly 800 years later, will amaze and challenge theatre audiences.

A Cambridge educated grammar school boy who became a respected LSE lecturer, a uniquely abrasive debater on Radio 4’s Moral Maze,  and the creator and presenter of many very popular historical TV series, on such subjects as Henry VIII , Elizabeth 1st, the Monarchy, the Churchills, and Music and Monarchy.

Tickets: £18
Concs: £2 off
Groups: 10+ get 11th ticket free
Age: 12yrs+
Running Time: 1hr 30mins


For more information, please contact Jenny Hogg on 01392 272 409 or email her.

Notes to editors
David Starkey is available for interviews.

Please note that that the Exeter Northcott’s Box Office number has changed to 01392 726363

18 September 2015

Flare Path

Tues 22 – Sat 26 September 2015

An epic wartime drama by celebrated playwright, Terrence Rattigan, comes to Exeter Northcott Theatre this September.

Based on Rattigan’s experiences as a tail gunner during World War II, Flare Path paints an evocative portrait of life in wartime Britain for the RAF bomber crews, their wives and sweethearts, who were left awaiting their return.

Starring Leon Ockenden (Mr Selfridge), Olivia Hallinan (Lark Rise to Candleford) and Philip Franks (Heartbeat), Flare Path tells the story of former actress Patricia, the wife of RAF pilot Teddy, as their marriage is tested to the limits by the surprise arrival of Patricia’s ex‐lover and Hollywood idol Peter Kyle.

An unexpected and dangerous mission over Germany puts Patricia at the centre of an emotional conflict as unpredictable as the war in the skies.

Combining highly charged drama with a truly authentic taste of the fear, camaraderie and passion experienced by the men and women who fought to save their country their families and each other. With heart tugging, human emotion, Flare Path opens an unforgettable window into a pivotal moment in our history.
The characters and relationships are ever unfolding, and beautifully played…acting easily worthy of the West End

“Terence Rattigan’s unsentimental War-Time-Weepy has more convincing plot twists than any “Agatha Christie” and keeps you guessing until the very end, which will still surprise you.”

Tue – Thu Evenings: A £27.50 B £25 C £23 D £19
Fri & Sat Evenings: A £29.50 B £27 C £25 D £21
Wed Green Matinee: £17 *
Sat Matinee: £19
Concs: £2 off (bands B, C & D only)
Student Standby: £8
Groups 10+ get 11th ticket FREE
Age: 12yrs+ Includes adult language
Running Time: 2hrs 40mins


For more information, please contact Jenny Hogg on 01392 272 409 or email her.

Notes to editors
Flare Path, draws heavily on Rattigan’s own experience as a tail gunner in the RAF coastal command during WW11. Working on the draft in 1941 whilst in active duty in West Africa, he managed to save the incomplete manuscript when his plane was damaged in combat and the crew ordered to jettison excess weight.

The cast are available for interviews.

For more information, please visit: http://www.flarepaththetour.com/