August 2015

20 August 2015

The Tin Ring with Zdenka Fantlova

Zdenka Fantlova, one of the few living eye-witnesses to the horror of the Holocaust, visits Exeter Northcott Theatre to tell the extraordinary story of how when she was just seventeen years old a simple tin ring made for her by her boyfriend became central to her will to live.She survived six concentration camps, lost her entire family and endured unimaginable horrors.

Now 92, Zdenka Fantlova is determined to tell her inspiring story of great love, and of what happened in the Holocaust, to as many people as possible. Zdenka, a Jew from former Czechoslovakia, grew up with a love of music, learning to play the piano and being taken to concerts and the theatre. In 1942 she was transported to Terezín where her boyfriend, Arno, gave her the tin ring that would, many years later, provide the title for her moving memoir.

The Tin Ring is a unique account of how a seventeen-year-old girl survived the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps. An incredible story of human endurance and will power.

“Zdenka Fantlová and her story made a lasting impression… During her time in the camps she kept a little tin ring, made for her by her boyfriend. She risked her life to keep this humble object that meant so much to her. Her boyfriend did not survive the camps. But Zdenka’s love for him and the tin ring did”

Fiona Bruce, On Zdenka’s appearance on The BBC’s Antiques Roadshow

Tickets: £18
Concs: £2 off
Groups: 10+ get 11th FREE
Age: 14yrs+
Date: Thursday 10 September 2015
Running Time: 2hr

For more information, please contact Jenny Hogg on 01392 272 409 or email her at j.l.hogg@exeter.ac.uk

Notes to editors

Zdenka Fantlova is available for interviews.
The Tin Ring is Zdenka’s book dedicated to the unknown British soldier who saved her at the end of the war when, skin and bone and crippled by typhoid, she crawled to a Red Cross post set up by liberating forces at the Belsen death camp.

17 August 2015

The Scarecrows’ Wedding

Following last season’s five-star hit Stick Man, Scamp Theatre return to the Exeter Northcott Theatre to present a truly heart-warming adaptation of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s new bestselling book The Scarecrows’ Wedding.

Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay are excellent scarecrows (they scare a lot of crows). Harry loves Betty, and Betty loves Harry – so they decide to get married. Harry sets off to search for their wedding day essentials including a dress of feathers, a bunch of flowers and a necklace made from shells.

However, when the farmer notices he is missing a scarecrow, he replaces Harry with the devilishly smooth but dangerous Reginald Rake. Dashing, daring and ever so cool, can Reginald persuade Betty that he is the scarecrow for her? Will Harry make it back in the nick of time before Reginald ruins their special day?

Bursting at the seams with Scamp Theatre’s inimitable style (Stick Man, Tiddler & Other Terrific Tales, and Pirate Gran) this epic love story promises wit, drama, and wedding bells!

‘Scamp Theatre send shivers down my spine. They are so lively and innovative’
Julia Donaldson, author and former Children’s Laureate

‘I think the quality of what Scamp do is amazing.’
Michael Morpurgo

Tickets: £13
Family Ticket: £36 for 3 + up to 3 more tickets £12 each
Schools: £9 groups 10+
Age: 3yrs+
Date: Tues 8 & Wed 9 September 2015
Running Time: 60 mins
For more information, please contact Jenny Hogg on 01392 272 409 or email her at j.l.hogg@exeter.ac.uk

Notes to editors

Scamp Theatre was founded in 2003 by award-winning international producers Jennifer Sutherland and Louise Callow. Scamp brings a range of theatrical live performance to audiences of all ages, with an increased focus on adaptation, particularly in children’s literature. With productions touring constantly, Scamp have a superb track record in theatre production in London, on tour and at the world’s leading venues & festivals.

For more information on this production, please visit www.scamptheatre.com

10 August 2015

Law firm renews Exeter Northcott Theatre sponsorship

Exeter Northcott Theatre is delighted to announce that law firm Browne Jacobson has renewed its sponsorship with the theatre for a second year. The year-long sponsorship agreement with the national firm which has an office in Exeter will make a valuable contribution to the theatre. Exeter Northcott Theatre’s Chair of the Board of Trustees Lady Studholme said:

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Browne Jacobson over the last year and are pleased that they have agreed to continue their sponsorship of the Theatre for a further year. The Exeter Northcott is undergoing an exciting transformation, both bringing and producing a wide range of outstanding performances to a wide range of audiences. Sharing this with support from the local business community plays an important part in ensuring we deliver productions of the highest quality, and also to continue and develop the valuable work we do with schools and community groups.”

Browne Jacobson is a national law firm with offices in five major UK cities, including Exeter. Earlier this year the firm announced a 17% increase in turnover to a record £58.9 million. The firm’s Exeter office, which was opened in 2012, saw turnover grow by 40% with its education team posting 16% growth.

Mark Fowles, partner at Browne Jacobson’s Exeter office added:

“We are delighted to announce our continued sponsorship of Exeter Northcott for a further 12 months. We are committed to investing in organisations and initiatives that deliver tangible benefits to the local community. From a business perspective it has been a successful partnership and I am sure that our clients will look forward to the theatre’s forthcoming season which is, once again, packed with an array of fantastic productions.”

For more information, please contact Jenny Hogg on 01392 722408 or email her at j.l.hogg@exeter.ac.uk